Exciting PhD opportunities with my research group to work on soil-dwelling social insect impacts on soils and related links between soils and plant diversity maintenance. Involves extensive field work in Malaysian Borneo. Positions funded by Czech Science Foundation and primarily based in Czech Republic. Application deadline 28th February 2024.

Some recent publications

Delavaux C.S., Crowther T.W., GFBI consortium of 223 co-authors (including Fayle T.M.) & Maynard D.S. (2023) Native diversity buffers against severity of non-native tree invasions Nature 621: 773–781 [PDF]

Fayle T.M. & Klimes P. (2022) Improving global estimates of ant biomass and abundance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 119: e2214825119 [PDF]

Tuma J., Frouz J., Veselá H., Krivohlavý F. & Fayle T.M. (2022) The impacts of tropical mound-building social insects on soil properties vary across taxa and with habitat degradation. Applied Soil Ecology 179: 104576 [PDF]

Xing S. & Fayle T.M. (2021) The rise of ecological network meta-analyses: problems and prospects. Global Ecology and Conservation 30: e01805 [PDF]

Zahra S., Novotny V. & Fayle T.M. (2021) Do reverse Janzen-Connell effects reduce species diversity? Trends in Ecology and Evolution 36: 387-390 [PDF]


My name is Tom Fayle. I am an ecologist, with interests in community ecology, conservation biology and behavioural ecology. I study how interactions between species build up to form networks, and the manner in which those networks then respond to variation in the environment.