Antbase - database of ant taxonomy and relevant publications - ants from Malaysia, Mongolia and Germany, including a key to Bornean ant genera
Antweb - world ant identification and distribution
CRAN - download the excellent (and free) statistics and graphics package "R"
Jake Snaddon - the personal website of my friend and colleague Jake
Japanese Ant Image Database - photos and line drawings of Japanese ant species
Museum Insect Room - insect collections and research at the University of Cambridge, UK
Myrmecos - some of the fantastic insect photography of Alex Wild
The Ants of Costa Rica - identification aids for Costa Rican ants by Jack Longino
Berry Cottage Paintings - my mother's webpage displaying a selection of her paintings

How Science Works - the website of my friend and colleague Ed Turner, with (amongst other things) lots of interesting information on public involvement in ecological data collection
Kalsum Yusah - canopy scientist and lovely wife